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19th Jun 2013

PICTURE: Last Night’s Crimecall Viewers Were Faced With A Very Familiar-Looking Photofit

Is that-? Could it be...?

Viewers of Crimecall had to take a second look at the TV screen last night when one particular photofit popped up on the screen.

Have we all become part of a gangsta film? Has Vito Corleone lost his touch? Looks like the “naaaar-deeee” are putting a call out with this photofit. 

Indeed, it looked like a young Robert De Niro was looking back at us from the TV screen. A moment viewers of last night’s RTÉ’s Crimecall will surely never forget.

Credit for the spot goes to Damien Cooke via

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UPDATE: The photofit is of a man whose body was found in the woods of Lough Inagh in Connemara in 2006. He has never been identified.