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30th Apr 2015

PICTURE: Irish Friends Nab a Selfie with the “Happiest Animal on Earth”

Move over Kim, this is the best selfie you'll see today.

Rebecca McKnight

It’s the best selfie we’ve seen this year… and there isn’t a Kardashian in sight. 

Mick May, Gill O’Brien and Niamh Martin were living the dream in the company of Aussie pal James Moody last month, checking out the attractions of Rottnest Island off the coast of Western Australia.

Though it’s safe to assume they have quite the collection of memorable snaps from the trip, this is the one we all want to replicate.

On their travels, Gill and co managed to get this super snap with the so-called “happiest animal on earth”.


Gill tells us that the quokkas are an endangered species found on Rottnest Island and usually just come out at night time but if you’re lucky (like they were) you might just find one hiding in a shady spot or around bushes and trees.

Gill said: “We cycled around this fab island for hours, but instead of taking in the views, we were scouting for quokkas wherever we thought we might find one!

“They are friendly little creatures but you need to be careful not to go too quickly or loudly towards them because they could be easily frightened. We took numerous hilarious shots before we got the best one, which we had to share!”


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