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21st Jul 2015

PICTURE: Cork Farmer Has Amazing Response To Thieves Who Left His Beloved Tractor In A Forest

You should never come between a man and his tractor.

His reply is absolute gold.

One Irish farmer has taken to the internet this week to leave a message for those who stole his John Deere tractor four months ago.

The prized tractor was whipped from his farm in Co. Cork and was only recovered on Monday of this week in the middle of a forest.


The disgruntled farmer shared the good news on DoneDeal this week, along with a picture of his beloved tractor in the forest.

He also added a nice message along with it.

“Here lads, fair play – God sure does love a trier,” he wrote.


“But ye didn’t try hard enough… U’d say ye would have at least taken the bottle of Fanta and the bag of Taytos on the dash with ye… There still in date and all [sic].

“She had a nice holiday in the forest at least. She might have missed silage season but she’ll be back pulling shutters tomorrow yeooowwww!!!”