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31st May 2013

PICTURE: Ahhhh!! T-Rex!!! The Best Wedding Photo Ever

Putting a whole new twist on your big day... 


Could this be the best wedding photo ever? Yes, possibly.

Photographer Quinn Miller put a little bit of a twist on this wedding’s photoshoot.

James Lowder and Katie Young, two of his friends who always proved they were up for a laugh, asked digital media student Quinn to take the snapshots of their big day.

Inspired by a photo he’d seen before, he suggested the bridal party posed for a shot where they looked like they were running away from something, reports.

Quinn then Photoshopped a T-Rex into the photo… epic.

The photo has been shared thousands of times on the internet and has been crowned “the best wedding photo ever” by numerous websites, including us.

The funny bit? Quinn has been updated with texts, emails and messages since the photo went viral but he has yet to hear from James and Katie.

The couple are currently on honeymoon, clearly have no internet access and are oblivious to to the fact that their photo has gone viral.

This should be an interesting homecoming…


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