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14th Oct 2013

PIC: “Your Feedback Is Important To Us” – Belfast Bar Uses Customer Criticism To Their Ad-vantage

Now this is how you handle criticism... Genius.

TripAdvisor can be a great tool, gathering information, content and reviews from users about destinations, hotels, restaurants and bars.

The Hudson Bar, located on Gresham Street in Belfast, is an establishment that prides itself on their price, drink and location.

So when one customer decided to leave a comment on TripAdvisor were a bit miffed.

Making sure that every customer knows his or her opinion is valued, the Hudson bar handled the criticism in the greatest way possible… Making a large sign that now sits outside their building of said complaint, hoping it encourages other to come in and try the place out for themselves.



The Hudson Bar Twitter account, displayed their appreciation…

We’d really hate to be ‘that one guy’…