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24th Jul 2015

PIC: Twelve Year Old Pens Heartbreaking Letter After Her Cat Dies Following Cruel Prank

“I have just lost my best friend.”

A 12-year old girl wrote a heartbreaking letter to her neighbours in Melbourne, Australia after her cat was killed by a cruel prank.

The girl, only known as Brooke, came home to find her cat’s back had been shaved. Although it wasn’t made clear how this had killed her cat, the young girl wrote:

“My name is Brooke and I’m 12 years old. I came home the other day and got the biggest shock. My cats back has been shaved. Because of someone was trying to teach us a lesson or my cat. Well now you have because my cat all thanks to someone who was trying to tell my family something. You know what it’s taught me that adults are cruel.

I have just lost my best friend all thanks to someone.”

12-year-old girl writes heartbreaking letter after her cat dies following 'prank'

The letter was written a number of times and posted to Brooke’s neighbours along Ferntree Gully, just outside Melbourne, Australia.

According to Metro UK, the area has been affected by a series of cat shavings in the past week.

Story via Metro UK