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06th Jun 2015

PIC: This Irish Man Is Testing An Post With a Series Of Extraordinary Packages

This is a seriously impressive effort by An Post!


We thought the hardest part of delivering a package would be avoiding the dogs.

Now one man has gone to new lengths to test the skills and capabilities of An Post.



David Curran decided to start sending some unusual items to himself through An Post – from a sheet of clear paper to the jigsaw puzzle you had to assemble to find the delivery address.



Not delivered

Documenting the results on his blog, it seems our postmen are doing a great job – with most of the intricate items making their way to the delivery address.

Speaking to Mashable, Curran said:

“I’m amazed at what An Post can deliver. Communities take part as well. The local publican or shopkeeper will keep an letter until they ask enough people to work out who the intended recipient was.

“My father-in-law once helped give a letter to ‘The man who herds the cows through the village in south Kilkenny, Ireland.'”

letter 31


Delivered – including a note explaining why the bag had been opened

And for the letters that didn’t reach their intended destination?

Well some even ended up returned to sender, despite Curran not including a return address on the envelope/ item.

letter 7

Not delivered
Curran has now developed a bit of a reputation for himself, although in fairness, we don’t blame the postman for these assumptions:

“I am only going to send letters to other people now, as An Post seem to now think anything weird should end up at my house.

“That said, my friends have started sending me weirdly addressed letters.”

What we will say, is we’re impressed with the service from An Post.

(And we now really want to try send an obscure item in the post to a friend)

Images via David Curran Tumblr / Story via Mashable