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04th Jul 2013

PIC: The Best Twitter Smackdown You’re Likely To See Today

It's the '800 years' that really makes it...

Rebecca McKnight

It’s not even lunchtime yet, but we’ve already seen the best thing on Twitter today.

If you’re not already following Colm Tobin on the social networking site, you should be. You’ll find him here, and you can thank us later.

Today, Tobin took former England rugby captain Will Carling to task over a tweet he ‘stole’ yesterday, regarding the Lions team selection for Saturday’s eagerly anticipated final test. The original tweet…


Tobin’s take on the matter received a lot of love on Twitter, but naturally it also attracted quite a few Internet pirates, quickly passing the joke off as their own.

Carling was one such tweeter, and he received the full force of Tobin’s indignance at the matter, as the writer publicly posted Carling this hilarious invoice this morning.  


To his credit, Carling was quick to apologise…


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