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21st Nov 2013

Pic: Person Leaves Emotional Note to Vending Machine Technician

This person is quite emotional...

Una Kavanagh

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re in the mood for a delicious snack but the vending machine is broken or even worse, just one a slot isn’t working?

This is probably the most emotional note you’ll see today. This passionate letter about frustration and the sense of loss was written by “homer depot” who we can definitely relate to.

To get to specifics, beloved item slot C3 in the vending machine is out of action, meaning that whatever is in there is permanently unavailable to buy – the horror! The vending machine technician, unaware of the problem refills the machine again and the vicious cycle of out-of-reach snacks continues:


Sad times, but let’s hope this note gives slot C3 the attention and repair it deserves!

Image via Reddit, hat-tip to Happy Place for spotting this one.


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