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28th Jul 2015

PIC: 20-Year Old Posts Graphic Warning To Others In Domestically Abusive Relationships

This story contains graphic images some readers may find upsetting.

**This story contains graphic images some readers may find upsetting.**

A 20-year old student from West Derby has posted a graphic image of an attack on her throat from her ex-boyfriend, in a bid to warn other women of the dangers of domestic violence.

Kate Friday met Kyle Newby on a dating website, but said he started becoming controlling in the early days of his relationship.

Kate told The Liverpool Echo that Newby started banning her from wearing certain clothes, sent abusive text messages and started dictating who she could spend time with.

text messages

After suspecting that Newby was cheating on her, Kate called time on their relationship – but Newby turned violent.

The 20-year old recalls telling her then boyfriend while sitting in his car, before he bit her nose and shoved his fingers down her throat so hard to stop her screaming that they ripped through the flesh in her mouth.

Injuries sustained by Kate Friday after Kyle Newby shoved his fingers down her throat

Kyle Newby pleaded guilty last month to Kate’s harassment and assault, but avoided a prison sentence, spurring Kate on to post a warning to Facebook friends.


The young woman wants others to feel like they have support – and not to feel like their age or inexperience should stop them from contacting the authorities:

“If anything good can come from my situation it will be to warn other young people of abusive relationships before its too late. Because of my age, I didn’t think anybody would take me seriously, i thought because i was so young that nobody would listen. I was wrong. Seeking help was the best decision i ever made. I have moved on with the help and support of so many people and i am finally in a place where i can say i am happy, healthy and strong. Abuse isn’t always physical and a lot of the time the power and control your partner has over you is unbelievable. But realise that you do not deserve this. You ARE important, other people WILL love you, people WILL believe you, you WILL move on and you definitely will overcome this. The first step is the hardest part but know that you are worthy. A healthy relationship should not make you feel you are constantly walking on egg shells. Love yourself enough to walk away.”

Speaking out about her ordeal, Kate told local media:

“I was completely brainwashed, but looking back I can’t believe what he put me through.”

If you are affected by the issues in this story, information and support services are available at Women’s Aid.

Story via The Liverpool Echo