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12th Dec 2012

PhotoShop Fail Of The Day: One High Fashion Brand Forget The Model’s Vital Bits

Who passed this photo as okay?!

Oh, how we love a good Photoshop fail!

But this time we’re wondering how such a massive high fashion brand could have fallen prey to such an over-enthusiastic airbrushing fail?

At first glance, Gucci’s 2013 resort campaign shot shows a stunning model wearing a sharp tailored suit in pale pink, carrying a chic snakeskin handbag.

But upon a closer look… what’s going on there? Digital trickery we’re guessing…

In the photo, model Joan Small’s torso appears to be twisted and the positioning of her legs seem rather awkward, not to mention her left thigh being significantly smaller than her right.

In fact it looks as though her legs are not connected to her body at all.

Who passed this photo? Someone’s in trouble…

Something amiss there Joan?