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01st Nov 2012

Petrified Pooch? Try Reading Your Dog a Bedtime Story. Yes, Seriously.

A new bedtime story that has been specifically designed to calm down stressed-out dogs has been released. We have it here if you want to have a listen...

Do you have a dog who is a bit on the hyperactive side? If so, we have a solution for you (yes, we truly are dog whisperers here in towers!).

A new audiobook featuring a bedtime story specifically designed for canines has been released – just as well too given the fact that there are loads of bangers and fireworks going off post-Halloween.

The Daily Mail reports that renowned Shakespearian actor Simon Callow has narrated the unusual story, which is available to download now for free, and he hopes that his soothing tones can help dogs to chill out, relax and stop barking every time someone walks by your house.

The book, which is called Teddy and Stanley’s Tall Tale has been scientifically developed to relax your pooch and get rid of any stress they may be feeling. How does it work exactly? Well the speech in the tape is specifically designed to capture a dog’s attention.

Sweet dreams: put your dog to bed with this quirky, cute audiobook

Mr Callow was told to narrate the tale with different volumes, frequencies and pitches in order to keep dogs engrossed and distracted from anything else that could cause them stress.

The story is said to draw on years of scientific research into dog behaviour, and it uses animal psychology techniques, signals and bioacoustics. Sounds fancy, right?

The story is all about a dog called Stanley and his small friend Teddy. If you’re curious to have a listen, you can check it out here:

But that’s not all. You can also read the story to your dog yourself, although you should try and read like you’re telling the story two a two-year-old child for the best effect.