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19th Aug 2019

‘For people and the planet’ There’s a new minimal waste shop opening in Dublin

Jade Hayden

“If just two adults and a tiny baby can generate so much waste, imagine an office or a school.”

There’s a new minimal waste shop opening up in south Dublin this month, giving you even more of a chance to get your sustainability on – and keep it on.

Enter reuzi – a new sustainable lifestyle store that’s dedicated to producing as little waste as possible, while also selling an abundance of everyday products that are often some of the main culprits when it comes to waste and non-recyclables.

Think menstrual products, think hair care, think condoms, toothbrushes, and washing up liquid.

Basically, reuzi has got pretty much everything you’d need to keep your bare essentials in stock – just without all of the eco-unfriendly packaging.

The shop’s owner Pat Kane says that she wants to present a more sustainable way of living, but also that she wants to teach people how to be eco-friendly in their own time too.

Pat Kane

“I want to help people find replacement products and explain why they’re a better choice for people and the planet,” she says.

“Education is the main pillar of what we do.

“I want to get to know people in the local community and to find out more about their own ways to create a positive impact and share our knowledge to become more eco-friendly together.”

Located on Brighton Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18, reuzi is fitted out with recycled and upcycled materials to ensure that the shop has as low a carbon footprint as possible.

Kane also wants to introduce a series of workshops over time, to pass her sustainable expertise onto the rest of the community.

She says that she realised she wanted to focus on a more eco-friendly way of buying when she became a mother for the first time and realised how much waste she was producing.

“If just two adults and a tiny baby can generate so much waste, imagine an office or a school?” she says.

“My initial reaction was to educate myself on recycling and composting. Our end goal as a family is to replace everything that won’t be recycled or composted with reusable alternatives.

“It was because of this personal journey, I decided to create reuzi in 2018.”

Here’s just a few products that reuzi will be selling once the store opens its doors on Monday, August 26.

HANX natural vegan condoms: €15.00 for 10

“Smooth, clean scented, vegan, with great contours, and er… lubricated with a 52mm nominal width,” these condoms don’t include casein, an animal protein usually found in other condoms.

They’re also biodegradable, cruelty free, and just as safe as a regular condom.

Rainbow stainless steel straws: €5.00

Like your regular old plastic straw, but stainless steel meaning that you can wash it and reuse it again and again.

Or, indeed, forever.

Global shampoo bar: €9.00 

Made from coconut, olive, papaya and baobab oil, the shampoo bar will make your hair glossy, soft, and probably most importantly – clean.

Shampoo bars include no plastic packaging, ensuring that you reduce your bathroom waste a considerable amount.

&SISTERS environmentally friendly tampons: €12.99

They even include an applicator too.

Made from 100 percent organic cotton and a cardboard applicator, these tampons are kind to our bodies as well as the environment.

The pack also includes an array of different tampons to suit your flow no matter what day of your period it is.


You can check out more of reuzi’s stock here. 

The store will opening for the first time on Monday, August 26.