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08th Sep 2016

People have already spotted a problem with the shiny new iPhone 7

This isn't ideal.

Cathy Donohue

Oh great.

The iPhone 7 was unveiled yesterday and it includes a whole host of new features with wireless headphones, a new improved camera and new colours.

The ‘new’ camera is no exaggeration either as according to The Guardian, it “‘has a better flash, improved lens, image stabilisation, high speed sensor, 12MP camera and can capture raw image files”.

It also ‘wakes’ when picked up, uses Siri for a lot more things and wait for it, the 7 is apparently water resistant.

Mad Ted.

This model, which starts at €779, comes in piano black, or ‘Jet Black’ to give it the official term.

However, people have already spotted with a problem with the shiny, black model and it’s not ideal at all.

Eagle-eyed Twitter user @emkkwan spotted the below on the Frequently Asked Questions on the Apple website and it basically says the black model may get scratched.

It’s ‘high-shine’ may show fine micro-abrasions with use which is just fab if you’ve forked out a LOT of money.

Apple suggests using a case to protect it if this is something that concerns you but it ruins the aesthetic appearance of the phone and it’s yet more money.

To be fair, there’s till numerous colours to choose from (see below) but this would be annoying if you had purchased the black version without realising the potential ‘scratch’ risk.