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08th Nov 2017

People can’t get over what this photo of a ‘festival’ actually is

Mind. Blown.

Jade Hayden


This is a photo of a festival.

It is.

… Isn’t it?

It’s not, but you’d absolutely be forgiven for thinking that it was.

At first glance, this image looks like a massive festival stage surrounded by thousands of people – or that’s what it looked like to me anyway, and everyone else at the Her desk.


The photo, however, actually depicts a John Deere cotton picking machine picking a whole load of cotton at night.


The photo was taken by photographer Micah Horn who, unbeknownst to him, has only gone and introduced the internet to its latest and greatest optical illusion.

It was originally shared on Twitter by one of the farmers who was harvesting the cotton at the time – Brandon Brieger.

And so, the confusion began.

Mind. Blown.