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11th Oct 2017

People can’t decide on the colour of these shoes

And now we're equally as confused.
Harry potter bath bomb

It’s the dress all over again.

There’s a photo doing the rounds online of a pair of shoes and it’s confusing everyone. No one can agree on what colour they are.

First, let’s do a test. What colour do you think the shoes are in the picture below?



I showed the picture to the Her girls and they all said that they could see pink and white shoes, whereas all I see is a pair of grey and aqua shoes. One of the girls even saw both options.

For me, the main part of the shoe is grey, while the laces and base are a light aqua colour. And it turns out I’m not the only one. The picture was initially shared on a Facebook group, Girlsmouth, by Nicola Coulthard and it’s wracked up a lot of comments.

When posting it Nicola said, “Ok girls so my friend has just sent me this asking what colour the shoe is, I would say pale pink and white, but she insists its pale blue and grey.”

The comments were flying in with everyone disagreeing over the colour. Some saying grey, others saying pink.

So, what colour are the shoes?

Nicola spoke to Metro and confirmed that they belong to her friend and that they are, in fact, pink and white. The confusion first began when her mum complimented her on buying new ‘blue’ shoes.

It’s still wrecking out head that we see different colours.