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13th Nov 2012

Party Spot It’s Not: County Cork Town Is A Hot Destination For Old Age Pensioners

Don't expect Spring Break-esque scenes in Youghal this summer as it is quickly becoming a town populated by US wrinkles.

Most of us dream of retiring to the Bahamas or Hawaii, but it turns out American oldies want nothing more than relocate to the coastal town of Youghal in County Cork to live out the winter of their lives.

Dwellers of the town are experiencing a influx of golden oldies and a report in US News & Report names the East Cork seaside town as one of the five regions in Europe where older Americans are settling down.

Kathleen Peddicord writes: “In the current climate of crisis, economies, markets, and values are down as they have not been in decades in some of Europe’s most appealing places to spend time and retire.” 

Youghal is a top destination of US retirees!

The magazine also sites County Clare as a desirable location for US wrinklies ahead of other locations including Thailand, Greece, Portugal and Mexico.

We’re thinking the beach won’t be a pleasant place to be in Youghal this summer season.

God forbid one of the new neighbours drops their towel!