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09th Nov 2016

Dear America, F*ck You

You have let us down America.

You have selected the man we all feared. The man we could hardly believe was a viable candidate. The man who made men and women all over the globe feel uneasy because of the crude comments he made about gays, transgender people, women, Muslims, Mexicans, the list goes on and on.

You have shown not just a nation but an entire world that a women’s voice is less superior. That one man denying countless acts of rape and sexual assault is easier to believe than the multitude of women who had the courage to speak out. You have well and truly shown women their place in a ‘modern society’. You have shown me that this still is a man’s world.

You have robbed your own nation of a historic event. Imagine a first black president followed by the first female president. What an idea! An idea that would have shown you to be a forward-thinking, sensible, and grounded nation. All things I no longer believe you are after waking up this morning.

You have elected not only a racist, a bigot and a sexist but just a downright horrible person as your Commander in Chief. A person who regularly threatens walls and deportations. A person who is capable of undoing all the hard work your fore fathers have done in terms of equality and liberty for all. A person who’s morals have been questioned by millions across the globe.

You have picked an inexperienced businessman to rule one of the biggest countries in the world. The other candidate had decades of experience in government, a working knowledge of the goings on in the White House and experience in foreign affairs but that doesn’t really matter when Trump had the money, the model wife, the designer-clad children and of course his giant tower does it?  You have proven once and for all that money talks and you can buy yourself a good reputation. It’s all about show business in the U.S of A.

You have shown your true colours America. You have left millions of people (including people in your own country) feeling uneasy, unwelcome and unhopeful. You have elected the wrong president and now all we can do is sit and wait to see what happens next.

You have let us all down America.