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18th May 2013

Ooooh Juicy! Model Kelly Brook Hopes Onscreen Kiss With Holly Will Get Her A New Job

Clutching at straws here Kel?

Celebrity Juice host Keith Lemon could not have looked happier on the show’s season finale last night… as quiz sidekicks Kelly Brook and Holly Willoughby locked lips on camera. 

The pair kissed by accident as they tried to demonstrate a game called Read My Lips, where a piece of paper is passed from one person’s mouth to another without using their hands. 

Kelly Brook later tweeted, joking that she hoped the onscreen smooch with Kelly will get her a new job. 

The model is already on the jobhunt as her temporary stint on Celebrity Juice has come to an end. Kelly was covering Fearne Cotton’s maternity leave. 

Kelly has already been sacked from The Big Breakfast and Britain’s Got Talent but she hopes the onscreen chemistry last night could guarantee her another TV post. 

Brook also tweeted a few snapshots from the show’s wrap-up party last night. 

Kelly showed off her curves in her post-show party dress.