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19th Nov 2016

One woman’s tweets from witnessing the worst date ever are hilarious

This makes for horrifying reading

As if dates weren’t bad enough, this series of tweets will spook anyone out to HECK.

When it’s witnessing other people on bad dates, it’s perfectly okay as we can have a giggle and forget about it, however when it’s us in the hot seat it can be a totally different story.

One woman, Kelly Fine from New York was sitting in a restaurant minding her own business when she happened to see a couple on a first date, but the things she heard compelled her to share the conversation with others.

Kelly took to Twitter to live-tweet the terrible date and the results are not only hilarious but borderline UNBELIEVABLE.

It only seemed to get worse…

While his behaviour already seems inexcusable, he starts to demand attention.

Kelly begins to realise the couple are not in fact meeting for the first time, but rather they’re a long-term couple.

It somehow, impossibly gets worse.

The guy even goes as far as to question the owner on his food options in the restaurant.

Before any more drama happens, Kelly decides to leave Tony and his girlfriend alone.