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22nd Aug 2021

What you should be doing every night that will help you fall asleep faster

how to fall asleep faster

Tired of feeling wired when you are meant to be feeling tired and ready for bed?

Here is a trick we should all be doing that will no doubt help you fall asleep faster when you crawl into bed at night. Take a bath.

Yes, we all know baths are relaxing and lovely and a very lovely way to indulge in some much-needed self-care, but did you also know that baths literally can make you fall asleep faster at bedtime? It’s true. Why? Because when you step out and go into a cool bedroom, your body temperature drops and stimulates the production of melatonin.

Want to give it a shot tonight?

Here are three effective ways to make the most out of your evening bath:

1. Step into the bath when it’s half full

Then, lower the tap pressure, and just sink back and listen to the sound of water running softly for a few minutes before it reaches the rim. This is a very calming way to start your bath, and will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and ready for bed.

2. Ditch the bubbles

Instead of bubbles, which can actually dry out your skin, actually, add a few capfuls of bath oil right before you slip in. Oils are far more moisturising. And they often contain essential oils, which have an intense scent that wafts above the water and can deepen relaxation. Note: Just take care when you go to step out of the bath, as oils can make your tub (and your body) very slippery, and you want to make sure you exit carefully so you don’t slip and hurt yourself.

3. Don’t lie back too much

Keep your chest above water when you get in the tub, only submerging your body to just below heart level. Why you may ask? Well, because experts say that immersing yourself more than that can cause overheating and can end up making you feel anxious.