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31st Mar 2018

One student tells her story of the DCU rent crisis… ‘I left the office in tears’

Olivia Hayes

How can students afford it?

DCU students have been left angered and frustrated after off-campus student accommodation has risen to unreachable levels.

Many are left with the only options of paying €9,000 for an apartment for 9 months, live back at home or commute, which can see some students sit on buses and trains for five hours at a time.

Neither of these options are viable, and many protests have taken place this week – however, Shanowen Hall and Shanowen Square have yet to comment on the matter, making students even more upset and angry.

One twitter user, @no1seshgoth, has shared her story, saying that she was left feeling insulted and mistreated by the accommodation management:

Yesterday, the Dáil raised the issue of Shanowen rent prices, with TD Mattie McGrath calling on the government to regulate the sector and cap rent increases.

You can read more student’s stories under the #ShanowenShakedown hashtag on Twitter.

Images: DCUSU

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