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08th Nov 2016

One aunty had the best solution when her niece needed to go to a father/daughter dance

She did the best possible thing...

Rebecca Keane

In an ideal world, all of us would have two parents.

We can never predict what’s going to happen in life, and sometimes we lose our parents while we’re young.

One girl who lost her dad when she was young was Sydney Lawrence, an American student from Texas.

According to Metro17-year-old Sydney was left a little confused at what to do when she had to attend a father/daughter dance as part of celebrating her local drill team, the Crosby Cougar Stars.

Sydney’s aunt Kristen Roulet decided to ease her worries by filling in as her dad, wearing men’s clothes and even wearing a moustache for the occasion.

Sydney spoke of her happiness at having a ‘dad’ for the day.

“I was excited and honoured that she was willing to do something like this for me…

“She has always been such an important figure in my life and I am just so touched that she would do this. It brought me to tears.”

Sydney’s aunt explained why she decided to don a ‘tache and the alias of a man for the day.

“I wanted her last home senior dance to be memorable since her father has never been around.

“It was a dance for dads and daughters I thought I will wear a moustache to be funny and to add some humour to the situation.”