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21st Nov 2012

On Your Marks, Get Set, GO! Researchers Claim Quickie Sex is Best

Fancy a quickie? It could give you all the benefits of a sex marathon but in a quarter of the time. Ladies, is it time we started speeding things up in the bedroom? Researchers say yes...


We fairly sure there’s a lot of men out there who will be happy to hear the following news. According to some new research, quickies with your man can actually satisfy you more than a sex session which lasts for hours.

Yes we know. We found it hard to believe as well but apparently all you need is seven to 13 minutes of some loving in order to feel sexually satisfied and fulfilled.

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University interviewed 34 of America’s best sex experts who have counselled thousands of couples on the length of time they should be getting jiggy for. Surprisingly, the vast majority of the results showed that most couples only want and need sex that lasts within the seven to 13 minute time bracket.

“Right, we have seven minutes before Homeland starts. Go!”

Apparently this amount of time allows you to get aroused, have a mind-blowing orgasm and relax sufficiently. Oh and the frantic nature of the sex means that it’ll feel more exciting and fulfilling rather than going at it for eight hours non-stop.

According to experts, novels like Fifty Shades of Grey are encouraging us to believe that amazing, passionate sex needs to last for ages when in fact we can derive just as much satisfaction from a seven minute quickie.

What do you think ladies? Is a sex marathon always better or should we be learning to embrace the quickie?