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30th Oct 2012

Oh Sandy! Tail-End of the Hurricane is Coming Our Way Say Forecasters

According to forecasters, we could be in for a "horrific" Halloween as the tail-end of Hurricane Sandy swoops over Ireland...

Batten down the hatches because we could be set for a very, very, VERY stormy Halloween if Hurricane Sandy has anything to do with it!

Last night, Irish weather forecasters predicted that Ireland could very well experience the tail-end of the super-storm that currently has the entire East Coast of America on strict lockdown.

Remnants of Hurricane Sandy will spark fierce winds and some extremely heavy rain across Ireland from tomorrow and forecasters warned of a potential “horror show” just in time for Halloween. If you’re planning on taking your little monsters out trick or treating, it’s probably best to make sure that their costumes are warm and waterproof.

Heavy downpours are expected over the coming days as Hurricane Sandy takes hold

According to forecasters, gusts of up to 80mph could do some serious damage to Ireland while huge downpours of rain are expected to last until the weekend.

And, as if it couldn’t get any worse, forecasters have said that Ireland could be heading for another severe bout of weather this winter. Yes, apparently there could be a repeat of the ‘big freeze’ that occurred back in 2010.

We have to say we have noticed that the temperatures have dropped considerably these past few days. Bloody hell, we just hope this poor guy remains indoors if we do experience more ice and snow. The last thing he needs is any more public humiliation…