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25th Jan 2016

Nutritionists Prove You’ve Probably Been Eating Your Avocados All Wrong

We definitely didn’t know about this one…


It’s the staple of every clean-eating, fitness fanatic diet, and we secretly eat with everything from buttered toast to poached eggs.

As well as tasting delicious, the popular fruit has been proven to lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

According to One Green Planet, health experts are now suggesting that eating the flesh of the avocado isn’t necessarily the best way to reap the benefits of your guac greens.

To get the most out of your meal prep, health writers are now suggesting you eat the stone of the fruit – which boasts 70% of the avocado’s antioxidants.


The stone also has more soluble fibre than oats and most other foods, and polyphenols – the magic ingredient that makes green tea so healthy.

So how can you include the stone without suffering a cooking conundrum?

Taking a strong kitchen knife, cut the stone into quarters and pop it into a blender to chop the seed into a fine powder. Then add it to your smoothie or curries to bump up the nutritious value of your meal.

It’s worth noting that the blended stone flavour can be quite strong, so mix it with frozen berries or pineapple in your smoothies, or opt to stir it into a spiced curry.