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17th Dec 2014

Not So Secret Santa – Check Out Who We Spend Most of Our Money on Each Christmas

The research also revealed how much the average person spends on new clothes for Christmas.

Rebecca McKnight

Sorry Mammy. You may always be our number one lady, but you’re only second in the pecking order when it comes to the Christmas gift budget. 

New research carried out by One4All has shown that we spend the most amount of money on our partners each festive season, followed but the woman who brought us in to the world.

We’re not shy about spending either, with over two thirds planning to spend up to €500 on Christmas gifts.

According to the survey, an organised 39 per cent of us start our Christmas shopping in November while just over a quarter shop in December. An enthusiastic 7 per cent say they shop all year around for Christmas.


When it comes to what to wear on December 25th, 3 in 4 dress up for the day. Of those that don’t dress up, jeans and a jumper is the most popular attire while 16 per cent admit to staying in their pyjamas for the day.

We do like to look our best under the mistletoe, with 96 per cent of people spending up to €300 on clothes for Christmas.

A quarter of those surveyed said they plan to spend less this year on Christmas than last while 61 per cent say they will spend roughly the same.

Survey carried out by One4All. See for more information.