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18th Dec 2013

No Stress: Inventions That Have Made Our Life Easier

These ideas have certainly made life easier

Although we may be guilty of complaining now and again, there is no doubt that our lives have been made easier thanks to some amazing inventions.

Without them, there would be a lot more stress involved in our daily lives. So instead of giving out about what we don’t have, let’s concentrate on what we do.

Tis the season of goodwill after all…


This has to be one of the best ideas…ever. Imagine if your internet was restricted, that would mean missing out on the latest episode of your favourite show, less contact with your friends and the simplest tasks would become a lot more complicated. When you really think about it, we rely on Wif-Fi for a great deal indeed.



Hair Straighteners

While they’re not for everyone, straighteners definitely come in handy when you’re having a bad hair day. Ideal for a quick fix when you can’t be bothered to blow dry your locks but yet you want a sleek chic look. There are many girls who can’t be without their GHDs for more than a day so they are definitely an invention that have life a little easier.


Internet Banking

While the relationship we share with our bank account can be a rocky one, there;s no denying that internet banking has made life a lot easier. Instead of having to trek to the bank every time you want to make a payment or set up a new account, you can even top up your phone with this service.

Shoppable Videos

There is nothing more annoying than seeing the dress of your dreams and having absolutely no clue where you can buy it or at least, something similar. However, brands are beginning to take pity on our style dilemmas. Littlewoods Ireland now have their ownshoppable videos, where you can click on any like you like and the video drops you right into the product. Shopping, made simple.

GPS/ SatNav

For anyone who gets a little confused when it comes to giving directions, this is a godsend. The days of getting lost down country side roads or taking the wrong turn are gone, thanks to this invention. Now we’re not saying all of your problems are solved, it can’t do everything but it does go a long way to making our lives easier.



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