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19th Nov 2013

New Toxicology Reports Suggest Brittany Murphy May Have Been Poisoned

The tests were ordered by her father...

A new toxicology report has suggested that Brittany Murphy may have actually been poisoned before her death.

According to the New York Daily News, the analysis, which was ordered by her father Angelo Bertolotti, found high levels of toxic metals including Barium. This metal is normally found in rat poison.

Initial analysis had suggested the actress had died from acute pneumonia and severe anaemia, which was apparently complicated by therapeutic drugs, according to the Los Angeles County Coronor.


Brittany’s father fought for access to her hair which had been previously untested. He has now requested that law enforcement reopen the death investigation.

“The lab has shown that she was poisoned with criminal intent,” Bertolotti told the Daily News.

“We would like the investigation opened again to discover who did it. So as not to jeopardize the new investigation, I can’t say who I suspect as of yet,” he said.

Brittany’s husband Simon also passed away from pneumonia five months after her death.

The coroner’s have not made any comment on the new findings.