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09th Jul 2012

New Survey Shows Alcohol Increases Chances of One Night Stand

A new survey conducted by the Student Marketing Network found that alcohol has a major impact on the sexual behaviour of young people in Ireland.

A new survey has revealed the impact of alcohol on sexual behaviour in Ireland.

The survey conducted by the Student Marketing Network questioned over one thousand students who were asked a number of questions regarding alcohol-related issues including underage drinking.

While the majority of people asked admitted to drinking alcohol when underage, almost half said they had had a one night stand because of the amount of alcohol they had consumed.

More worryingly over one third of students claimed they had unprotected sex when drunk with two thirds saying they would be more prone to engaging in a sexual act with a stranger when drunk.

As if that’s not bad enough, a third of students had ended up injured or in hospital because of alcohol.

It is clear from these statistics that alcohol is a major factor in decision-making and is potentially putting the health, most notably the sexual health, of young people in Ireland at risk.