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09th Jul 2023

Mum breaks up three-year relationship over how her partner disciplined her child

A mum has revealed that she ended her three-year relationship due to the way her partner disciplined her child.

Living with her two daughters, aged seven and nine, as well as her partner’s 11-year-old daughter, the mum ended their romance following one incident.

She said this was a recent event and that she had to intervene to tell her daughter to stop throwing snappers near their dog – but her partner took matters into his own hands.

Taking to Reddit to tell the story, the mum wrote: “So he pulls out the pocket of his jeans and makes her hold onto it. Follow him around some. Stand there while he’s sitting. I say ok lesson learned let’s tie this up & enjoy our evening & watch fireworks from the back deck. He tells her to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“She says she’s not comfortable with that before I can even speak (good on her!) and then he says ok a kiss on the hand. I interject and say no, think of something else. So he tells her to go to bed out of frustration. I’m not ok with any of this.

Her partner claimed he was trying to teach the seven year old humility, but the mum claims he was trying to humiliate her.

As the two began fighting over the incident, the mum said her partner got in her face and “grabbed at my side” before realising that wasn’t his best move.

The fight escalated into a break up, as things had been building up for a while and the mum found herself booking a hotel for her and her daughters.

“The look on her face last night was a “help me, mom” look and I am not about to let anybody affect my kids like that. I just won’t. We haven’t spoken since and I’m just in my head second guessing breaking up our family over this,” she added.