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15th Dec 2012

Movies, Match-Making and Mail: The Best of Tonight’s TV

At this time of year there are always plenty of films on TV so why not make the most of it this evening?

Just because the X Factor is over doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to watch on a Saturday night. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that tonight’s TV is better than usual!

Strictly Come Dancing – BBC One (6.30pm)

We know Nicky Byrne is out but we reckon the dance competition is still worth tuning into. Tonight the remaining celebrities will be fighting for a place in next week’s final but they have to memorise two dances which could cause problems.

Jack Frost – RTÉ One (6.35pm)

Michael Keaton stars in this festive film about a rock musician who is tragically killed in a car accident on his way home for Christmas. The following year his spirit takes the form of a snowman which allows him to spend time with his son again.

Take Me Out Celebrity Special – UTV (7.40pm)

Let the celebrities see the ladies. In this special Celebrity Juice star Keith Lemon, actor Joe Swash and This Morning’s Matt Johnson will be hoping to bag themselves a date. But just because they’re famous doesn’t mean they won’t suffer a blackout.

You’ve Got Mail – 5* (9.00pm)

In this romantic comedy two rival bookshop owners, who don’t like each other, end up falling in love online. The thing is neither realise who they are actually speaking to. Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Greg Kinnear star.

While You Were Sleeping – RTÉ Two (9.30pm)

It really is a good night for films. Sandra Bullock plays a woman who is infatuated with a man in a coma but ends up falling for his brother. Will she be able to tell the family that have taken her in the truth?