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12th May 2016

Mother makes her daughter a packed lunch but things go very wrong

Oh NO.

Not ideal.

American teen McKenzie Strange and her mother are making headlines this week after something unexpected ended up in McKenzier’s lunch.

The 17-year-old, who lives in Georgia, told Buzzfeed that her mother often makes her lunch before she heads off to school each morning.

However, when she went to open the package recently, she found that the drink included was of the alcoholic variety, a can of Four Loko to be exact.

She knew her mom must have made a mistake and so, she messaged her to see what happened – her poor Mam was mortified.

McKenzie then took to Twitter to share a photo of the drink and the messages sent between her and her mother, after dumping the drink of course.

Chatting to the website, McKenzie said that her mother mistakenly thought the Four Loko was a Peace iced Tea.

When packing the lunch, she accidentally packed the alcoholic beverage belonging to her 23-year-old son and got a major shock when she received her daughter’s message.

McKenzie said she shared the photos because she thought it was a funny story but didn’t bargain for the story to go so crazy viral (just shy of 100,000 retweets).

Images via Twitter: McKenzie Strange