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31st Jul 2013

More Good News! Ryanair To Increase Their Luggage Charges By €20

They may start charging for hand luggage...

Sue Murphy

Ryanair have announced that they intend to increase their baggage charges by another €20 for bags that are being put into the hold and not carry on luggage.

According to RTE News, Michael O’Leary made the announcement at a news conference in London, claiming that the increase will be over the summer period.

When the CEO of the company was asked why they had made that decision, he replied: “That’s when they are likely to bring more bags. We will keep increasing charges until we get rid of hold bags.”

While O’Leary claimed that he understood that the airline would never prevent extra baggage going in the hold altogether, he said he wanted to see the figure come down from 20% to 10%.

O’Leary was also asked if he would be charging for hand luggage in the future and he replied: “At some point in the future I think it’s likely that airlines will do it but I can’t get my head round how you would do it. I think it’s unlikely that we will do it.”

Hilariously, when he was asked if air conditioning would be taken off the flights, he answered: “No. Even I would not do that.”

So there is something Michael will not charge customers for…