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09th May 2013

Missing Socks, Runaway Hair Clips & Lonesome Tea Bags: 9 Of Life’s Biggest Mysteries

Losing a sock to the wash is one of life's strange mysteries...

We’ve all experienced the feeling of utter despair when we retrieve our clothes from the dryer only to discover that one of our socks has gone missing.

You put it in the wash. You definitely saw it swirling around in the washing machine. However, somewhere between putting the sock into the wash and transferring it to the dryer, your sock went missing. And the worst part of this story? You know you’ll never see that sock again.

Today, May 9th, marks a truly noble holiday. Today is Lost Sock Memorial Day. Now, before we go any further, we’d like you to take a moment and pause in memory of all those great socks we’ve worn, loved and lost during the washing process…

Losing a sock to the wash is one of life’s strange mysteries and talking about missing socks got us thinking about the rest of life’s mysteries. Here are the 9 things that happen that we just can’t explain…


Seriously, where do they end up?!

1. Where do missing socks actually go? As mentioned above, you REMEMBER transferring the sock in question from the washing machine to the dryer, so why didn’t it come out of the dryer?! There’s only one logical explanation to this one: clearly the dryer is some kind of portal to another world where socks aren’t forced to live in pairs and can roam freely by themselves. They can attend solo sock parties and have the absolute craic without worrying about where their twin is.

2. Where do hairclips go? You buy a packet of 12 hairclips. You open them and use two to fix your hair one morning before you go to work. The next morning when you go to use them again, they’ve suddenly disappeared – what’s with that? Not to sound paranoid or anything but maybe, just maybe, the hairclips are in cahoots with the missing socks…

3. Where do your keys go when you’re in a rush to leave the house? You’re late for an important meeting. You go to the bowl in the kitchen where you keep your keys aaaand… of course they’re not there. You spend a good fifteen minutes trying to figure out where they are, but you have no idea because you DEFINITELY put them in the bowl yesterday. Eventually you find them in the fridge and you don’t know how they’ve gotten there. Freaky.

4. What happens when you pick something up and walk into the next room only to realise that you suddenly don’t have it? This happens to us the WHOLE time and it’s super annoying. Has anyone seen our pen? We had it on the way here and now it’s magically disappeared from our hand. What kind of witchcraft is this?!

We swear we put our keys in the bowl in the kitchen!

5. Where did that bottle of wine go? You had a lovely bottle of white wine in the kitchen. You were planning on sitting down tonight with a takeaway and wanted to have an auld glass of vino but it’s disappeared from your kitchen. You didn’t drink it (well, you don’t remember drinking it) and your other half/housemate hates wine so where did it go?

6. Who left the immersion on? This is a question that you will never get an answer to. All you know is that it wasn’t you and you’re sure as hell not paying the bill for it.

7. How there was a full box of teabags and then suddenly one… There was no warning that you’d soon be out of these precious little bags of joy, wonder and caffiene. More importantly, how is there only one tea bag left? You bought two boxes earlier this week!

Why did no one tell us there was only one teabag left?!

8. Where the random tin of tuna in the press came from? You don’t eat it so you definitely didn’t buy it. Everyone else in your house swears that they didn’t buy it either and yet it’s still there taking up space in the back of the press.

9. How does your purse suddenly weigh five kilos? All those coins weren’t in there last night… You don’t remember breaking any big notes yet your purse is literally overflowing with coins (and not the good coins either, we’re talking 1 and 2 cents, not 2 euro coins). Where did they come from?!