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05th Feb 2013

Mini Darth Vader Moves Away from the Dark Side to Inspire Other Young People

He has used his fame and fortune for the good of others, making people aware of rare illnesses and talking them into donating thousands of dollars to various charities. Oh, and he's 8 years of age.

With the week that’s in it and all of the excitement surrounding the Superbowl, we have been taking a look back at some of our favourite commercials from the event in previous years. Of course, the Volkswagen advert with Darth Vader is still top of that list. However, the miniature Darth Vader is not only amazing in the commercial, he is an inspiration off-screen too!

The boy behind the mask is 8-year old Max Page, who suffers from a rare congentital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot which basically changes the normal blood flow through the heart. Little Max has already undergone 8 surgeries in his short life, one as recently as last summer.

But we always knew the dinky Darth Vader was made of sterner stuff! Max has proven to be an inspiration to many, raising awareness and charitable donations and heading up the Junior Ambassadors Program for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Over the years, Max with the help of his family has raised over $50,000 dollars to help various charities.

Since his appearance in the Volkswagen ad, Max’s reach and fame has increased allowing him a platform to regularly speak and campagin for the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Max has told CNN “Hopefully, I can just use my force for even better good, and I hope that it works.”

What makes him even more adorable? Max has never even seen the Star Wars movies claiming that he was “too scared.” He does a pretty good impression of a young villain below!