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11th Mar 2017

Michael Bublé’s brother in law has given an update on his son Noah

Laura Holland

He’s doing “very, very well”.

Michael Bublé’s brother in law, Dario Lopilato, has given an update on his son’s health.

The three-year-old was diagnosed with cancer in November last year and there have been a few updates since then.

Michael himself only released a statement last month updating fans that little Noah had been progressing well during his treatment and that doctors were very optimistic about his future.

Now, Dario has given a further update and said that “after these very long months Noah is doing well, very well.”

According to Metro, he was speaking to a show called La Nacion in Argentina when he added:

“For me, it’s very difficult to talk about it. But I believe in God and sought comfort in Jesus Christ and a miracle from God came, from the way it was discovered, after the operation, everything.

I feel it’s important to carry on accompanying. That’s why I stop what I’m doing here every so often and travel there.”