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16th Jan 2013

“Maybe I Won It In A Dance-Off” – Irish Bike Thief Tries to Make Good

He may have stolen your bike. A 'merry' reveller ended up with a bike after some partying last Friday night, and it doesn't belong to him. Here's the story in full - and details on how you can get it back...

Maybe he really did win it in a dance-off?

One Dublin-based thief woke up on Saturday morning last with a bike he somehow acquired on Friday night, and now he’s trying his hardest to right any wrongs that might have occurred. 

This hilarious message posted on would suggest that once the hangover wore off, the guilt set in. So, have you lost a bike? And is there any chance you lost it as a result of a dance-off? If any corresponding videos of said dance-off exist, please send our way. We’d like to see that.