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12th Mar 2013

Massive Fail: News Station Uses Video Game Image To Report On Syrian Conflict

What happened to the editor?!

One challenge for a news production team is to bring the story into your living room at home, to convey the location, the incident, the emotions of the people there…

But we think this Danish TV station might want to have a look at their researchers. Looking for a keen way to illustrate the city of Damascus as they reported on the violence in Syria, TV station TV2 used this image as the report’s backdrop.

But eagle-eyed TV viewers noticed that something was a bit off. Yes, it was Damascus, but it was a screenshot from the 6-year-old video game Assassin’s Creed.

Furthermore, the screenshot from the game is Damascus as an artist imagined it looked like 720 years ago.

But it’s not the first time video games have featured on the news. Last year, the BBC flashed a Halo logo in place of the United Nations’ logo.