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18th Jan 2013

Mark Wahlberg Reveals Details of Ted Sequel!

It was one of the standout comedy films of last year and there IS going to be another one...

Ted and John will be back on the big screen as Mark Wahlberg has confirmed he will be returning for the comedy sequel.

Speaking on Cooper Anderson’s show, the actor said that both he and Seth MacFarlane will be involved in the follow-up to Ted.


Wahlberg has confirmed that there will be a sequel to the hit film.

He revealed: “There is a Ted 2. We’ve already locked a deal and they’re off writing now.”

The 41-year-old added that he has faith in its success: “I’ve never done a sequel before but I just have so much confidence in Seth. He’s such a talented, funny guy.” (Talk about bromance!)


The actor also said that Seth MacFarlane is also returning.

Wahlberg, who plays a man whose childhood teddy bear is alive and very crude, also said that filming will start when he wraps up Transformers 4.

We’re already counting down the days…