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20th Dec 2012

Man Makes Huge Downton Abbey Replica Entirely Out of Gingerbread

What's better than watching Downton Abbey? Eating Downton Abbey. Yum...

Christmas means two things: lots of food and the Downton Abbey festive special. We don’t know about you, but we’re literally crawling up the walls with anticipation to see what will happen!

Anyway, we came across this video earlier today and given that it’s related to Downton Abbey and it contains food, we thought it was pretty awesome.

Curtis Jensen was looking for a festive challenge, so he did what any normal person would do – he decided to build a giant gingerbread replica of the Downton Abbey estate.

This time-lapse video shows how he cuts and backs the dough and painstakingly puts his epic gingerbread construction together. The finished result is a pretty impressive replica, don’t you think?


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