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15th May 2013

Man Dies In Sweden Following An Attempt To Have Sex With A Hornet’s Nest

The man who poked the hornet's nest...

A man in Sweden, who apparently attempted to have sex with a hornet’s nest, has been found dead after receiving approximately 146 stings.

The man, who is referred to as Hasse, was found unconscious on his farm Ystad, Sweden according to the Metro. He died an hour later in hospital.

When found, he was so swollen from the stings that his body resembled a “whale carcass” when found.

The autopsy revealed that Hasse suffered 146 stings, 54 of those were on his genitals. Police apparently found semen and the deceased man’s pubic hair on some of the dead hornets and at the opening to the nest.

Reports of the incident have fuelled concern for the hornets from animal rights activists.

Someone seems to have mixed up the message of the Stieg Larsson book…