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07th Jul 2012

Make Yours a Summer to Remember

If you're staying at home this summer, don't just sit around the house. There's plenty for you to do. Why not have a go at one of these?

Staying put this summer? Don’t just spend it relaxing your pretty little self, do something that you’ve always wanted to do.

With no holidays booked and work commitments, summer can pass by without you even realising it. Well, not this year! Use this summer to do something you’ve always wanted to do. If nothing comes to mind, here are a few ideas you could adopt.

Join a Class

There are so many classes and courses out there nowadays, from photography to sports to pottery. Search online to find out if there are any interesting or unusual classes near you and enrol if something catches your eye. A sports or arts class is the perfect way to spend your free time in the summer. It also gives you an opportunity to meet new people and expand your abilities. You never know until you try. If you are unsure, book a single lesson or class and take it from there.

Learn a Skill

When you think about it, there has to be something that you have always wished you could do. Perhaps you want to learn sign language? Maybe you have a creative side which you could channel through painting or dressmaking? If you can think of a skill that you have always wanted to learn, this summer is the time to do it. After all you could end up being the female Irish equivalent to Vincent Van Gogh – just don’t go cutting off your ear!

Speak a Language

We all know how attractive a French accent can be, so just imagine being able to respond to Pierre or Claude. Ooer! It doesn’t necessarily have to be French either. You could learn Spanish, Italian, Irish or all three if you like. Courses cater for a range of abilities and needs and can come in handy when you do get away on holidays. What are you waiting for, get going chica!

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering is probably one of the most worthwhile things you can do with your spare time. Whether it’s helping with a one-off fundraising event or dedicating a few hours to working in your local charity shop, volunteering is extremely rewarding and is a fantastic addition to any CV.

Face a Fear

We all have them. From heights to water to birds, we all have something that we fear. Why not tackle your phobia this summer while also doing something incredible. If you are afraid of heights book a skydive, afraid of water learn to swim, afraid of birds… take a walk through a park. Alright, so not all phobias will inspire you to do something fantastic this summer, but you will be surprised at how much there is waiting for you on your very own doorstep.


Contact the following websites if you want to make this summer one to remember:





Check out your local community and sports centres for other classes.