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16th Jul 2012

Mairead Farrell: Getting a Wedding Invitation is an Honour, So Stop Moaning!

In her latest column for Mairead Farrell explains what drives her mad about weddings... and it's nothing to do with the bride or groom!


My best friend said to her husband; “Great! Today is the first day this week that we didn’t get a bill in the post”. He said; “Actually its worse, we got another wedding invite!!”

This is like what I heard from another girl recently, She was bitching about her cousin’s upcoming wedding in the Shelbourne hotel; “The drink there is soooooooo expensive – seriously what was she thinking booking there?” 

I should point out that this particular girl doing all the whinging had her own wedding in Spain a few years ago. Yes Spain. Not exactly somewhere you can hop into a taxi at the end of the night and spin home with the best man and bouquet. When I pointed this out to her she said; “That’s not the same – people had a little holiday on the back of my wedding.” 

Ehh a forced holiday maybe!! The flights, accommodation, wedding outfit, gifts and spending money that people forked out for her day was actually for their holidays and not for her wedding. I eventually told her she was slightly delusional.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT against people heading away to Spain or Italy or wherever they like to get married. What I am against is guests invited to weddings who start moaning about it soon as the invite drops in the door. It’s like they’ve been told they have to have their wisdom teeth taken out, minus anaesthetic.     

Now, having hen party and stag parties away too is kind of taking the pee pee a little (but that’s a different rant).

There is a period in your life where you will attend a bunch of weddings, but most are people who you have known for a long time or are close to through work.  Personally, I think it’s an honour to be invited to someone’s big day.

A couple who you know have decided to take the plunge – he wants to hitch his wagon to hers, so to speak. They have looked at venues, tried menus, tasted wine, gone to see bands and she’s tried on about forty dresses. They’ve agonised over their budget and wondered if the Credit Union might just give them that little bit more cash. Yet when it came to inviting people you made it on to their precious list.

Yes, weddings can be expensive to attend, but you (plus one) have been invited by either the bride or groom or both to be part of their most special day. You should go along, respect it, enjoy it and shut the f**k up moaning..


Or … don’t. 😉