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11th Dec 2014

Love/Hate Sweeps The Board As RTÉ Release The Top 10 Most-Watched Programmes This Year

Five out of 10 ain't bad...


Five out of 10 ain’t bad… 

RTÉ has released the top 10 most-watched programmes of the year and unsurprisingly Love/Hate features quite a lot.

Claiming the top spot is The Late Late Show, with a total of 1.357 million people tuning in to watch Tubs in his Christmas get-up making kids’ dreams come true.

According to RTÉ, the show also had a reach of two million and a 71% share as it proved to be hugely popular online attracting almost 150,000 streams for the show – 62,000 of these from overseas.

Hit drama Love/Hate comes in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th place, with just over one million viewers tuning in for its finale.

The top 10 most-watched programmes of 2014 are as follows:

1. The Late Late Toy Show (RTE One) – 1.357m

2. Love/Hate finale (RTE One) – 1.005m

3. Love/Hate Oct 5, Season 5 debut (RTE One) – 979,000

4. Love/Hate Nov 2, Siobhan meets Pauly’s uncle (RTE One) – 962,000

5. Love/Hate Oct 19, Fran is inside but not for long (RTE One) – 880,000

6. RBS Six Nations, March 15, Ireland’s Championship Win (RTE 2) – 878,000

7. 2014 FIFA World Cup Final, Germany Vs Argentina, July 13 (RTE 2) – 858,000

8. Love/Hate Oct 12, Nidge is back with Pauly’s help (RTE One) – 852,000

9. The Sunday Game Live GAA Football Final, Sept 21 (RTE 2) – 826,000

10. The Sunday Game Live GAA Hurling Final, Sept 7 (RTE One) – 784,000

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