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22nd Nov 2012

Love is in The Air: Pilot Pops The Question at 500 Feet

Stuart Black told his girlfriend to "look down" then popped the question at 500 feet. Romantic or what?

Is it just us or are all the menfolk out there getting more and more creative when it comes to proposing to their other half? We love this story about a pilot who proposed to his lady at 500 feet. Love was definitely in the air (get it?)

Flying instructor Stuart Black, from Scotland, was giving his girlfriend, Annette MacKenzie, her first ever flying lesson when he randomly asked her to look down into a field.

The pilot had carved the words ‘marry me Annette’ into the stubble field below and when she looked back at her man, he was holding a diamond engagement ring. Unsurprisingly Annette said yes straight away (how could she say not after all that effort in fairness like?).

Stuart had originally planned on popping the question at Christmas, but he decided to bring it forward as he’s due to head away on duty with the Royal Air Force before then.

The bride-to-be said that she had no idea her man was planning on proposing.

Stuart was teaching Anette how to fly when he popped the question

“It was such a surprise, I haven’t quite got over it yet. I was so nervous doing a flying lesson for the first time and then all of a sudden Stuart said I should look down at the field outside as I might see something,” said Annette.

“We had just flown over Gleneagles so I thought it was going to be another big building or something, but there were all these words and I couldn’t quite take them all in. I turned around and there was Stuart holding a ring and it all clicked!” she added.

The couple first met on Facebook two years ago, but only met each other in the flesh in December 2011. They have yet to set a date for their big day.

“I suppose I just wanted to do something unique,” said Stuart.

Unique isn’t even the word! We wish them all the best for the future.