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17th Aug 2019

Love Game of Thrones? Then apparently, you are great in the bedroom

Olivia Hayes

Love Harry Potter?

Or what about Game of Thrones or the Avengers? If you’re a fan of them then it turns out that you’re a pretty great lover.

Well, this study says so anyway.

Researchers at the University of Oklahoma conducted a study which revealed that those who are into a certain kind of fiction have more positive thoughts when it comes to love and relationships.

The study, which was published in the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, saw 404 adults take part with just over 50 percent being a heterosexual female, and the remainder being heterosexual males.

They were asked to identify seven authors from seven genres – classics, contemporary literary fiction, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller and horror.

They were then asked about their beliefs on romantic relationships.

The researchers wrote of the findings:

“Science fiction/fantasy readers were less likely to support the belief that disagreement is destructive, as well as the belief that partners cannot change, the belief that sexes are different, and the belief that mind reading is expected in relationships.”

While psychologist Stephanie C. Stern told the Pacific Standard:

“Individuals who scored higher for exposure to science fiction/fantasy were less likely to endorse four unrealistic relationship beliefs.

“Romance is not the only written fiction genre to be associated with real-world beliefs about romantic relationships.”

Basically, being a Harry Potter fan doesn’t necessarily mean that the person will be better in a relationship, but rather they have more established beliefs of what romance should be.