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13th Sep 2012

Louis Walsh Says X Factor Will End Next Year

Well he has said that he thinks it will at least. The talent show judge believes that the next series, which will be the tenth, will mark the end of the road for the show.

Rebecca McKnight

Millions have switched off already but this time next year it could be your last chance to catch a glimpse of what has probably been the most successful UK talent show ever.

X Factor Judge Louis Walsh has said that he reckons next year’s series will be the last.

The man from Mayo, who has been on the show for almost a decade, has said that when the time comes he will enjoy his time off.

“I think it may end after one more year. I think the 10th season could be it. Then I will have more time for myself,” he told the Irish Daily Mirror.

As much as Louis is looking forward to this rest and relaxation, he also admitted that he has had an incredible time on the show: “It has been an amazing time because of the people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve developed.”

Speaking of friendship, Louis and co will be welcoming none other than Simon Cowell back to the UK X Factor this year although it’s unclear as to where and when he’ll appear.


Louis and Simon have worked closely together for years and are good friends.

Louis explained: “Simon is working hard on the US show… As long as we’re doing our jobs and the show’s doing well, he’ll be fine on the US show. But you can never say never with Simon.”

Now that might be an episode worth watching! Tell us, do you think the show will actually end next year?