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16th Nov 2013

Lost And Found: Another Reason To Love Copper Face Jacks

Now this is just pure Irish...

Waking up after an epic night out only to realise you’ve lost your phone, purse or entire contents of your handbag, is an absolute nightmare. Waking up to find that you’d lost the trophy your Hurling team had just won the previous day, is completely sickening.

That is exactly what happened to one Junior Hurling team captain, after celebratory antics in infamous Dublin haunt, Copper Face Jacks, took a turn similar to a scene from Anchorman, and escalated quickly.

The victorious St. Jude’s decided to pay Coppers a visit after their win over Castleknock at the end of last month.

Along with his teammate, Garreth Collins enjoyed the celebrations in Coppers, (also known as the heart of the GAA), until things took a turn for the worst. The St. Jude lads awoke the next day only to realise they were a trophy short.

So in an effort to find the missing silverware, Collins decided he would do what any savvy 21st Century man would, and tweet the folk at the Dublin nightclub to see if they happened to locate a nice shiny trophy.

Being the legends that we all know and love, Coppers replied to Collins tweet. (We did appreciate Ciaran Kelly’s hashtag here).

And the Junior Hurling trophy was back in the safe hands of Collins and the St. Judes crew.

Leave the silverware at home next time, lads.

Hat-tip to our brothers over at who’ve had their fair share of nights in Coppers.