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25th Nov 2016

Loose Women’s gay best friend discussion sparks outrage among viewers

”I am not an accessory.”

Loose Women has come under fire several times for offensive discussions and even bullying claims.

Just last week Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby called out the women on the show for bullying her and judging her for the cosmetic surgery she has had done.

Now, the panellists have come under fire for another topic on their show. In a segment yesterday titled ‘Should every woman have a gay best friend’ they discussed the benefits of befriending gay men asking what about them was so ‘special’.

A post on their official Facebook page elaborated:

A new study has found that becoming friends with gay men may be a key part of women’s ‘mating strategies’ by making them less threatening to other women – and more appealing to straight men.

Do you think every woman should have a male gay best friend? Why do you think a friendship between a woman and a gay man is so special?

Suffice to say, people were not happy.

”Always love a good bit of casual homophobia from you lot. Belive it or not we are people and not just an “accessory”. Absolute fools.” One user said.

”Please delete this question. This is disgusting and should not be endorsed by a national TV programme. You should be ashamed of yourself. I’m no woman’s ‘gay best friend’. My sexuality has nothing to do with my freindship with anyone.” Another said.

Is this some kind of joke? Is a black friend an accessory too? You just collecting other minorities to use for your advantage. This is so offensive. And a new low. Disgusting.” Another woman added on their Facebook page.

Twitter users also expressed their frustration at the question.

You can argue that it’s PC gone mad, or that people are too sensitive but implying that you should simply make friends with someone so they can be your fun stereotype accessory is certainly not something a popular show should be promoting.


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